KD & The Media/Crosstown Classic preview

The Bigs talk Kevin Durant's injury in the NBA Finals(1:46), the relationship between media and NBA players (8:45) and share 3 players to watch on the Cubs and White Sox for the rest of the season (48:00)
The Kevin Durant injury 1:46 
The relationship between media, fans and how they affect the players 8:45 
Ask The Bigs: How do NBA players deal with criticism from the media? 11:30 
What should KD do next? 16:30 
Why every Chicago baseball fan should root for Tim Anderson 43:00 
Who are the 3 players on the Cubs and the Sox that fans should watch during the 2nd half of the season? 48:00 

SONG OF THE WEEK - Curren$y “Audio Dope II" 
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